From the time the puppy has been introduced to the household, the owner should focus on teaching the basic disciplines required to promote manageable behavior in and around the home.

During the initial training consultation and evaluation (usually one hour, but I have needed two hours with particularly difficult cases ) I will fully evaluate your pup's temperament, and give you a frank prognosis for what to expect in the way of temperament and behavior as the dog matures. I will also cover the following:

  • Appropriate socialization to people, dogs, and the environment.
  • Introducing the puppy to the basic obedience commands.
  • Teaching the dog owner proper handling and management techniques -- vital to ensure the dog understands his place in the the pack/family. 
  • Outline an appropriate daliy schedule and routine which will help the owner deal with, and minimize, all the troublesome issues typical with all young dogs.
  • Help the owner understand how to approach the ongoing training and raising of the puppy.

At the end of our session I will give you my best estimate as to what it will take to get your dog fully trained, should you wish to continue further training with me. Some dogs take a lot more work that others, but, regardless, the goals of the training are:

  • To produce a dog that is safe with the family and the general public - especially children. Essentially, "a dog that does not bite."
  • To insure that the dog develops into a good neighbor and a welcome member of your community.
  • To enable the owner to establish proper control of their dog - on and off the lead.

To call this a puppy training course is somewhat of a misnomer in that it is unlike any of the typical puppy courses that usually run for six weeks or so. I will see a pup as young as three months old (younger, if the owner is experiencing aggression problems), and continue to see the dog periodically right through the crucial developmental stages, and until the dog reaches one year old. By this time all undesirable behavior traits will have been prevented, eliminated, or modified, and the dog will be under full voice control of the owner in all circumstances. 

How frequently I need to work with the pup depends on breed, age, temperament of the dog, and owner's ability to follow through with the handling and routiine as outlined. Sometimes every two weeks, sometimes once a month. If the pup is enrolled in regular puppy classes that will not, in any way, interfere with our work -- in fact, it will compliment it, since the more socialization the better. Here with me we deal with all the difficult, practical issues -- usually avioided in group training.

All the work here with me is done on a private one-on-one basis. My fee is $200 per hour -- and this includes phone and email follow up for as long as needed. Obviously, some dogs will take a lot more work that others, so the training will be tailored to suit the individual dog, as well as the particular requirements of the owner. When a certain dog takes a lot more work than the average, most of that extra work is done by the owner -- in that the difficult dog will take a lot more of their time implementing and perfecting the skills they will learn with me. So, don't be worried that the training of a more difficult dog is far more expensive that the average, not necessarily so, just be prepared to invest a lot more of your time.  Due to my vast experience and expertise the training is accomplished with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.