Perhaps you're the proud owner of a canine companion with great temperament and wonderful disposition towards dogs and people -- too friendly, you may be tempted to say.

Maybe you've both attended many regular training classes in the past, but are still experiencing difficulty in controlling your dog in public places, or even at home, around other dogs, or when entertaining guests.

Chances are your dog may work well in the training class, but these classes don't get to the kernel of your problem: real-world, practical, functional control of your dog when faced with typical, daily distractions.

If your dog fits this description, it should not be difficult to achieve your goal. It usually involves no more than:

  • First, a thorough assessment of your dog's temperament.
  • Now, we may need to change your handling technique to one that's compatible with your dog's temperament. Every dog is different, and the handling needs to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Next, the selection of suitable training equipment. The most humane equipment and calmest handling almost always produces the best and fastest results.
  • Finally, we apply all the above in typical, everyday scenarios and situations to achieve the desired results.

With the well-socialized dog of sound temperament, the above can usually be achieved in the first session here with us at our facility. This session usually runs one hour, sometimes we may, depending on the particular dog and the issues that need to be addressed, need two hours for this initial session. Occasionally, a truly determined candidate may take a follow up visit. The current charge for private work is $200.This includes follow up email and phone advice on all aspect covered in the session for as long as needed.

A Fully Voice Trained Dog will take a bit more work. The time involved depends on the age, breed, and temperament of the particular dog -- and the abilities of the owner/handler. If follow up work is needed after the initial training session I'll be able to give you my best estimate as to the hours needed to get the required result. Due to my vast experience and expertise the training will be accomplised in the most efficent and effective method possible, giving due regard to the individul dog and handler.

A Behavior Modification Training Program is available for those dogs that are afflicted with the unfortunate problem of aggression. If you've been reading through this website, you will have learned that aggression can take many forms, manifest itself in different ways, and appear with varying degrees of intensity. Suffice it to say that an initial evaluation and consultation is a prerequisite to determine the best course of action in order to, hopefully, eradicate the undesirable behavior trait, or, at very least, to minimize and control the behavior. The problem, however serious, can usually be modified to some extent. But it is absolutely vital that all parties involved in the training fully understand what is reasonable - and what is not reasonable - to expect. I will give a very straightforward assessment of the problem, my ability to modify the behavior, and the ability of the owner to control and manage the dog.

Because this is very specialized work, I really cannot give an estimate of what it will take to modify the behavior until I've consulted with you and had an opportunity to assess your dog. Once we've had an opportuntiy to figure out exactly what we're dealing with, I will give you a recommendation as to how we should proceed. I may recommend a specific course of training, or I may limit the training to a few hours work -- just enough to control and manage the dog in public or at home. My hourly rate of $200 applies, and this includes email and phone advice throughout the training. Please bear in mind that, although almost all behavior can be modified to some extent, the extent to which we can modify the behavior is of the utmost importance, and this will depend on the individual dog, the degree or severity of the behavior issues in question, and the ability of the owner to handle and control the dog. Behavior modification training must hold out the prospect of the owner being able to manage and control the dog in normal everyday situations, preventing the dog from being a danger to the handler, to other people, or to other dogs.

Personal Protection Dog Training Program:

This is a very advanced form of training for both the dog and handler. Only a few breeds are suitable to be considered for this training, and only a small percentage of dogs from these breeds will have the qualities required for this very demanding work.

As well as being under impeccable voice control by the owner, the dog needs to display the following traits:

  1. The dog must be adequately socialized and well disposed to people.
  2. The dog must have a high prey drive.
  3. The dog must demonstrate the level of courage necessary to respond to challenging and threatening situations.  

A personal protection dog is, first and foremost, a companion dog, and as such, must be able to accompany the owner everywhere. Only a well-trained dog of excellent temperament and disposition should considered for this very important job. The right dog, trained appropriately, will be perfectly safe and reliable in any social setting.

Bear in mind that if the dog is incorrectly trained, not under full voice control of the owner, or not of sound temperament, then he will be more of a liability than a companion protector.

This level of training is only available to dogs that have been fully voice-trained by me.

A Residential, or in-Kennel Training Program: Occasionally, I can offer this method of training for the dog with a certain temperament and disposition. Again, an initial evaluation and consultation is the first step in determining whether this training method would be best for your dog.