Keeper and Belle

On December 11, 2013, Bryn Baumer wrote:

John is a wonderful, intuitive, thoughtful, and humane trainer. He was able to train my two bull mastiffs from stubborn, independent thinkers with a penchant for leash pulling and an unreliable recall to heeling side by side off leash and happily coming every time they are called. My bull mastiffs are more enjoyable members of our family in and out of the house. All this was achieved in a two month time frame. My dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed our training with John, and his humble quiet approach. My family highly recommends John O'Connor at Euro training for all your dog training needs.

He Educates You

On November 30, 2012 Laura Levitch of Pleasanton, CA wrote:

I consider myself to be an animal lover, one that would never take on the responsibility of a dog and then, down the road, decide that things have become too difficult or out of hand to keep the dog. But about a year ago this was a problem that I was faced with. My 4 month old Doberman puppy had decided, despite regular training classes and a private trainer, to show a side of her that we had never seen. We had been a part of her life since she was 2 weeks old, she came from a breeder that is one of the most reputable in the country, she was the smallest of the litter but had the biggest personality. Everything was fine from 9 weeks to about 14 weeks, when she began nipping. At first it was playful but that didn't last long before it became growling, showing teeth and biting, biting hard. We had so many professionals involved, including the breeder who was willing to take her back, over the next few weeks. Her episodes of biting got worse and she started to become territorial and aggressive over objects she deemed hers or if she didn't want a leash on, etc. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have 2 young kids at home, witnessing all of this. 2 girls, ages 9 & 12. This had to stop! What if she bit one of the kids? Or one of their friends? This was not my first Doberman, I had 2 before her, both females. Finally through networking with my breeder, we came to know John. When John first met my dog, he analyzed her and then gave me his honest and somewhat brutal opinion. He told me that he would take her case, but there would be no guarantees. But if he felt like it was not heading in the right direction, he would be honest again and tell us before we invested more time and more money. Well, we completed Johns course in July 2012 and set off on our own with a whole different attitude and so much more knowledge. And now? Almost 5 months after completing John's course, we have a great family dog. I cannot say enough about John O'Connor, he truly understands more about dogs than just training them. He understands the way dogs think, behave, react and what motivates them. Then he uses that information to educate you, so that you learn how to communicate with your dog. If it had not been for John, I'm not sure what would have happened, but I'm happy to report this story has a happy ending because there was a trainer out there, John O'Connor, who understood my dog.

Lucky We Met John

Testimonilal photsOn November 20, 2012 Christa Anderson wrote:

My family considers itself very lucky to have met John O'Connor.

Our family brought home our first puppy almost two years ago now, a beautiful german shepherd.  As he hit the age of 7-8 months, he started to show a significant signs of being very territorial and protective of our family to the point that we could not bring others into our home.  We went to a number of different trainers to help us, but they did not seem to understand our dog or what we needed to bring him under control.  Fortunately, the local german shepherd rescue foundation referred us to John O'Connor and also recommended his training books.  We not only read his books, but signed ourselves up for John's obedience training program.  The training helped our family enormously, allowing us to understand our shepherd's behavior and to understand what we needed to do for our shepherd to accept that he would not be dominant over the people in our family.  Today, our shepherd is a wonderful member of our family, very good to all our kids, and a patient big brother to our one year old Leonberger.

A Great Dog

-1On November 3, 2012 George and Elaine Shelby wrote:


Rascal has turned out to be a great dog for us, all thanks to you and your training of both him and us.

We are very pleased with the way he has developed.  He gets lots of compliments. We can't thank you enough for helping to train him.  We sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

He is 3 years old now, and we are realizing that it has been about 2 years since we were in your care.

Time really is passing quickly.


On November 15, 2011 Kirk Fornoff from Berkeley, CA wrote:

marley ribbons 11HOLY CRAP, what have we done!  Well, in March 2002 a precocious seven week old American Pit Bull Terrier entered our domain.   Err, make that HIS domain.  That, until Mr. John O'Connor enters the picture at sixteen weeks and sets us straight.  OUR domain.  

Marley (named after, and in honor of Bob Marley) , from day one oozed personality in spades; big, bold, over-the-top-in-your-face personality he possessed.  Boundless energy; endless curiosity. An interloper extraordinaire too, conveniently inserting himself into any group.  All this, coupled with our excessive permissiveness, inexperience, and a breed of dog that is incredibly  tenacious - along with an undeserved media driven axiom that Pit Bulls are inherently  vicious animals - was a surefire recipe for a potentially toxic brew.  Now don't misunderstand me, APBTs are a-lotta dog, they're not for everyone.  But, they are, as a breed, the polar antithesis of vicious man-eaters.  Marley embodied all of the qualities of what an APBT should be - paramountly  human friendly, intelligent, loyal - dispelling the myths and acting as the supreme breed ambassador.  I digress.

We began our dog training adventure at the SFSPCA.  A nice environment to help socialize a pup in a "kinder, gentler" way.  But - to paraphrase Cesar Millan -  not effectively setting proper rules, boundaries and limitations, for, well, a- lotta dog. There were no true  repercussions for errant behavior.  

Circuitous aptly describes our initiation with John.  While strolling the shopping district in Berkeley with cute-as-can-be Marley, a woman struck up a conversation.  She commented on Marley's  handsome appearance and asked if we knew of the Pit Bull rescue organization BADRAP.  We did not.   Later, perusing the BADRAP Website, we saw John listed.  Already fully immersed in training and hyper-socializing Mar, we weren't actively pursuing another  trainer.  But, we thought  if he's listed as a recommended trainer by BADRAP he must be good.  And, casting our training net wider certainly couldn't hurt. We made the call.  

After our initial two- plus hour consult, we were presented with various options to accomplish our goals.  We were all in.

John trains humans to more effectively shape a dog's behavior so a copacetic  relationship can flourish.  The takeaway message is actually quite simple: patience, persistence, consistency, coupled with appropriate and  aptly timed discipline; this is how one must live with their canine companion.  It's not a few classes and the dog is "trained."  It's a lifestyle.  It is how one lives with their dog every single day, with the aforementioned proper rules, boundaries and limitations.   And the accompanying repercussions for errant behavior.  

Even tempered in nature,  John is commanding,  albeit laconic, when handling dogs;  his energy speaks volumes. He is kind of a 'Dog Whisperer' on steroids;  bringing to the job , tools far exceeding basic dog behavior ID skills.  Via decades of real, hands-on experience, John has developed a methodic protocol which he tailors and tweaks to the individual and the temperament of their dog.  Never escalating without warrant. Corrections stemming from frustration, anger or spite are not welcome, nor is over-correction.  John, while polite, is not shy about letting the human component of the equation know when, in his experienced opinion, they need to tighten things up, be more commanding; relaxed yet authoritative.  

John is exceedingly generous with his time.  Issues arising outside of class are encouraged to be communicated via phone calls or email.  This, even after the course of training has been completed.  Highly recommended, John's book, "A Down to Earth Approach To Basic Dog Handling and Understanding and Dealing with Dog Aggression" is a wonderful companion to his training sessions.  
We spent the better part of two years working with John.   Innately, Marley was an extraordinary canine companion to be sure.  John's counseling brought to surface, everything Mar was capable of .
In January 2007, what we thought to be muscular hamstrings turned out to be swollen external lymph nodes, which turned out to be stage V high-grade B-cell lymphoma - cancer - which turned into a sixteen month battle consisting of twenty, multi-drug chemotherapy treatments and two half-body radiation treatments.  And then he was gone, our ONCE IN A LIFETIME
dog…… I miss Marley every single day, in every single way you can possibly miss a canine companion. I’m pretty sure that’ll never change.

But,  life goes on with or without you,  like it or not.  In March of 2009 we adopted Woody, an APBT from BACS, the Berkeley city animal shelter that John's wife, Kate heads.   

Sharing the commonality of dog, breed (APBT) and 'doppelganger' is where their similarities begin and end.  Being a rescue (with the accompanying  uncertainty of his background) and much older than Marley (Woody was about eight months old) he presents a completely different set of challenges.  John, once again was our number one,  go to guy.  And, once again he did not disappoint.  Woody has matured into a much more confident, controllable dog.

I cannot sing John's praises loud enough.  If you're serious about learning how to handle your dog properly and responsibly, you seriously need to seek John's tutelage.   


On March 16, 2011, Shirley and Mike Traynor wrote:

Our Bouvier, Leo, was beautiful, but very willful, and anxious to be top dog all the time. John helped my husband and I to manage Leo better, by insisting that he obey our commands, reinforced by an electronic collar. Leo was slow moving and listless at John's. We figured that he was passively resisting training. Now, at 2 yrs. + he's happy, gregarious, loves to meet everyone (children, cats, adults, men with beards and hats!) He's happiest running on the beach, and seems to thrive with a lot of exercise. I was clearly too soft with Leo, not the leader of the pack. He's a joy now, a very loving dog, though sometimes still a little too aggressive while trying to herd other dogs. We continue to work with verbal commands and the electronic collar. There were a number of times that we seriously thought of giving our doggie back to the breeder...before working with John. He was the 3rd trainer I'd worked with, and clearly the very best!


On March 4, 2012 Sandy and Fred King from Lafayette, CA wrote:  

 Dear John:

I wonder if you have any other Dalmatian photos in your Graduates Hall of Fame?  It has taken a while but Stanley has finally reached a point deserving of the honor.  

Below is his last Report Card: 

 Riding in Car*:  A-  He has given up barking and lunging at dogs he sees outside the windows unless they approach his car in a parking lot.  He responds to "Quiet, Stanley!"

Walking on Lead*: A-  He has truly become a gentleman on leash. He has been provoked, most lately by a pair of ankle biters who escaped from their elderly owner.  (I think they might have been a tad senile themselves!) He has responded to "Leave it" with alacrity.

Walking off Lead*: A  almost to a fault...He is reluctant to leave our side.  His at heel is impeccable.

Sibling Rivalry: C-  This is Stanley's weakest area.  He still is jealous of his sister, Rosie.  However, "Quiet. Leave it" is generally enough to stop him.  When not, I keep a small squirty bottle of water nearby. Just seeing the bottle in my hand is enough to control the situation.

Aggression towards people: A  There have been no signs of aggression towards family or other humans in months and months.

* Stanley wears his special Tri-Tronics collar whenever he is in the car or away from home.

Sadly, Stanley passed away last week. He apparently had either a tumor or ruptured disc in his neck and was in a great deal of pain in his last week.  He was not a good candidate for surgery due to a congenital heart problem.

For all of the challenges Stanley gave us, he still was a very much-loved doggie.  Sometimes, it seems the most challenging pets are also the most endearing. He was also good for many laughs for his goofy personality.

 We thank you for your time and patience in helping us make Stanley "The Most Improved Dog We Ever Had".  His good citizenship made both his life and ours much happier in the end.


shelby5On July 21, 2011 Lanelle Rodrigues and Corey Bold from San Ramon, CA wrote:

We were referred to John by a co-worker when Shelby was only 4 months old.
Sweet Shelby was already giving us some trouble and we decided that we needed some intervention. Shelby is a South African Boerboel (mastiff) which is a very smart, stubborn and protective breed. We were nervous that we got "in over our heads" with Shelby and felt that we needed a "miracle" to be able to keep her. At the first meeting John was warm, kind, straight forward and realistic. He was able to give us real advice, some time to practice and then meet with him again to go over our "homework". It was a perfect model for us. The best part is that John is available anytime through phone or email so we didn't feel alone in between training sessions. We felt right away that we could trust John and following his "homework" began to pay off immediately.  Shelby is now one year old and is such a great companion. She has exceeded our expectations with John's help. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends. It is very much worth it! John is an amazing asset and reference for dominant dogs (like our sweet Shelby) and for having a very well trained dog. We now get compliments on Shelby when we walk her! She is that well behaved... it is a true "miracle".

A Mind of His Own

IMG 9041 JohnHobbsJohn & Shelly Zovickian from Piedmont, CA. wrote:

"We wanted a family dog for our teenage twins and came home one day with a three month old German Shepherd Dog.

We quickly discovered that Hobbs was a very spirited dog with a 'mind of his own.'

After interviewing several dog trainers we happened to learn of John O'Connor.

John's combination of expertise and practical and personalized instruction has made all the difference for us. John is an excellent listener and has tailored his training methods to our dog's individual needs.

After several months of working with John we now have a wonderfully obedient and good-spirited companion dog. We continue to work with John on advanced obedience training, and we feel very lucky to have found him.

We can't recommend John highly enough."

As of 3/27/10 John & Hobbes have qualified CD CDX UD UDX in AKC obedience competitions. More recently John & Hobbes have qualified Schutzhund 3 Tracking & Obedience as well as earning an AKC Canine Good Citizen title. Hobbs is also a certified Therapy Dog.


Photo 125On June 12, 2011, Ernie Baumgarten of Berkeley wrote:

We learned a lot working with you. We'll bring you our next dog when s/he is younger.In the meantime, I am also attaching a photo of me and Lulu hard at work. I hope you are doing well and, again, my  appreciation for your kindness and expertise.   

A Thorough Trainer

JimandKaiOn December 24, 2010, Jim Tarantino of Lafayette wrote:

I interviewed John or I should say he interviewed me for about an hour at his facility in Martinez.  I had never met a dog trainer that was so thorough.  I hired John because it was apparent that he did not use a "one size fits all" approach.  He takes the time to figure out how to teach and motivate both handler and dog.  Kai is a powerful breed that needs a firm hand and John had no problem teaching me to be the leader.  He can sit, stay, heel (on and off leash), down and come with both verbal and hand signals.  John's credentials speak for themself and he is a pleasure to work with.


Sumo walkOn the March 4, 2010 Mark & Jean Stanley, from Moraga, wrote:

I have always wanted a Rottweiler and with the kids now gone it was my turn to pick the dog. We obtained Sumo from a Rottweiler Rescue Kennel. Although Sumo had been previously trained it was clear that he had developed some bad behavior problmes. My wife and I were uncomfortable walking Sumo when other people or pets were out and about. Although the rescue kennel did not recommend taking Sumo to a trainer we did not want to be worried every time we took Sumo for a walk. After talking to a number of trainers, none has experience working with Rotties, we learned about John's Euro Training Kennel. On our firest visit we were impressed with John's background and experience. I appreciated his candor and clear explaination of what was possible. We set up a schedule and met weekly. We were very impressed with the immediate changes we saw in Sumo and how quickly he responded to the training John taught us. Under John's guidance we have learned how to establish and maintain control over Sumo and his behavior. During one session, John asked if we wanted to work with Sumo off the leash. At the time I thought I would never be willing to have Sumo off the leash by myself. Today, we take Sumo out and will often let him off the leash. He is under our control at all times, he heels, and responds to our commands as if he were connected to us by the leashe. Without hesitation, we walk the Lafayette Reservoir, go on trips to Monterey, or on walks around our neighborhood. Along the way, people come up and ask to meet and pet Sumo. We receive compliments on what a well behaved dog he is. After a few sessions, I realized John was teaching us more than he was training Sumo. John is a very patient teacher, thorough in his explainations, and works well with both the dog and owner. Whenever asked, we attribute Sumo's good behavior to the training and teaching we received from John.

Your Star!

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 3.44.51 PMOn January 25, 2011, Leigh Martin of Walnut Creek wrote:

One of your stars!
He's the one on the left....



ankaOn January 17, 2010 Heather & Ricardo from Walnut Creek wrote:

My husband and I ended up rescuing a 2 year old female german shepherd last summer.  I was a little hesistant at first because I never owned a german shepherd and didn't know what to expect, but when I met her she was so sweet and gentle I instantly fell in love with her and thought to myself.. "This dog is so mild she can't possibly harm anything".  So without knowing anything about her background and both of us inexperienced with dog training we took Anka home to be apart of our family. Yep....we were in for a big surprise.

We found out pretty soon that Anka has a high prey drive, extremely hyper and is very dog aggressive.  Not only that, we found out that her father is Jabino Falco who is classed as a SCH 3, IPO 3.  Needless to say Anka
ended up being more of a dog than we imagined.

We had difficulty controlling her on lead when we went on walks.  We had to avoid other owners walking their dogs because Anka would lunge at the dogs barking and growling.  Often times people picked up their small dogs
in fear our dog would bite them.  I was so frustrated that I could not control her and I became so worried that she would hurt another dog.

Thank goodness somebody recommended John O'Connor.  He immediately made us feel like we could train our dog with the appropriate tools and training. His experience and knowledge helped us train Anka and stop her aggressive behavior towards dogs. I can take her hiking and I have complete control on and off lead. She will heel, come, sit and stay on and off lead. Thanks John, we really wouldn't have been able to keep her if it had not been for you.

Heather and Ricardo.

A Great Teacher

SleepingOn October 28, 2009 Gwen Davies from Martinez wrote:

John O’Connor is a great teacher, dog trainer and human being. He’s kind and thoughtful about all that he does concerning people and their dogs. You can’t go wrong in hiring John as he has vast knowledge and experience with dogs and their behavior. His calm and quiet way with a dog is reassuring to the dog and the owner.  John gave me and my family the tools to integrate Roxy into everything we do in our lives.  I can’t sing his praises enough.  Gwen Davis, Martinez CA

On and Off Leash Training

IMG 4320 lo resOn September 9, 2009 Noelle Pilat wrote:

John O'Conner has an uncanny ability to read both dogs and people. I've trained two high-energy Dobes with him and his evaluation of each dog was flawless. As an obedience judge I travel extensively and my dog has to be well socialized and well behaved. We have been welcomed in hotels, organized dog walks, community events, children's events and crowded educational events. John's on-leash and off-leash training helped my dogs and me accomplish many levels in the AKC world of competitive obedience and agility.


Kuriboh painting-garden 001 On July 7, 2009 Patti Livanos from San Ramon wrote:

When Kuriboh was a puppy, he was a curious mix of overconfidence and bravado coupled with a host of pretty acute anxieties.  On one hand, he refused to accept me as his pack leader and would even go so far as to jump up and rip my shirt or jacket from the shoulder whenever I dared to utter the word “no” to him.    He had no respect for me or other members of my family, play biting much too hard or running into us on purpose when we played.  On the other hand, he was terrified of the stairs, cars that were passing from behind us on walks, jumping in and out of the SUV, and all other dogs that might bark at him.  I would meet a friend for tea (without Kuriboh) at a place very popular with dog owners, and yearn to have a well-behaved dog like the ones I’d see there who could not only behave well but were also excellent companions.  I truly began to despair that Kuriboh would never be able to be that for us.  Even taking him for a walk was troublesome.  He’d pull back on the leash and refuse to walk forward, or just sit there.  The only way we’d make it around the block was to lure him with food or have my son playfully coax him along.  People would come out of their houses and tell us how much they laughed when we went by, or strangers would stop their cars, roll down the windows and say something like, “Don’t you hate it when they embarrass you?”  And he wasn’t trustworthy.  He’d act innocent when you were in the room, but as soon as you left he found some kind of trouble to get into.

Since he is an English Lab and was expected to be large and muscular, I knew I had to get things in hand before he was fully grown.  Here he was, only 20 pounds, and trying his best to take over!  I tried everything I could think of to make things right.  We went to puppy classes and when that didn’t work we had trainers coming to the house.  We worked hard on his impulse control, among other issues.  These trainers used food as an incentive, and while Kuriboh performed perfectly while the food was out, he’d revert to his usual ways once we were just playing in the yard or something.   Without the food, all bets were off.  And the bigger he got, the scarier it became to deal with him.

It got to a point where I thought I was going to have to give him back to the breeder, yet I knew if I could just find the right trainer to help me all would be well.    When Kuriboh was about six months old, a mom at my son’s school told me about John O’Connor and Eurotraining Kennels, and she told me he was the best trainer in the Bay Area.  She told me of a problem she had with her dog who used to eat food off tables and countertops.  After training with John, she said she could leave a freshly roasted chicken on a coffee table and her dog would not touch it.

After our initial two-hour consultation, John told me he thought he could help us.  He clearly saw both sides of Kuriboh’s personality, and felt pretty certain ten sessions would do the trick.  During those sessions, John taught me how to handle Kuriboh, and gave me the tools, literally and figuratively, to go about making the necessary changes.  At first we used a Gentle Leader, moved on to a pinch collar and eventually an electronic collar.  He also gave me tethers for the house and the car.  We worked on Kuriboh’s behavioral problems as well as his anxieties.

Well, it turns out that John O’Connor was that special trainer I’d been looking for.  Kuriboh is now two years old and 82 pounds and a dream companion.  Kuriboh respects everyone and behaves exceptionally well.  He is no longer riddled with anxieties.  He is gentle and tolerant of children, puppies and small dogs, and plays well with any friendly dog.  He walks in heel position (even off-lead) no matter which direction I go, and he automatically sits as soon as I stop walking.  Long walks with Kuriboh are now one of my family’s greatest joys.  Now neighbors and strangers ask me if he’s a service dog because he’s so perfectly well behaved, and people stop their cars to comment on Kuriboh’s good manners.  At the dog park, all the other dog owners are in awe of how well he listens to me, even when he’s in the middle of playing with the dogs.  When I ask him to come, he runs over to me and sits in front of me.  He accompanies me to have tea or lunch at outside tables and just calmly lays by my feet.  When Kuriboh was six months old and a terror, I would have never believed it possible that he’d turn into the dog we dreamed about.

All of this and more has come about because of our training with John.  We highly recommend him to anyone and can never thank him enough!



DSCN0469OliverOn May 23, 2009, Maureen Cook from San Francisco wrote:

"Oliver was six month old when he came to live with me in San Francisco, an untrained puppy with a mind of his own. Fortunately I was referred to John O'Connor and school for both of us began immediately.

Oliver, though charming and laid-back from day one, is challenging. We had individual classes for about ten months and his bad behavior, unsually because of my inconsistency, was stopped before it could develop into aggressive and unsafe habits. Thanks to John, Oliver minds my commands as well as his manners. He is gentle with toddlers and playful with children, though he is truly happiest hanging out with other city dogs. In outdoor restaurants his obedient behavior is noticed and commented upon. We are enthusiastically welcomed to return and people always ask who trained him.

I have referred countless dogs, and their owners to John. I tell them the drive to Martinez, though a bit far away, is worth every mile. That's why Oliver and I still go to Saturday classes, which are instructional and fun, both for dogs and for people."


Jan  Segen May 2009On May 13, 2009, Jan Cope of Martinez, CA. wrote:

"Segan, our Doberman, was four months old when he joined our family. Already fifty pounds and without any training, I knew I needed to find someone to help me train him.

Though the recommendation of a friend, I contacted John at Euro Training. My friend touted John as "one of the best trainers in the area". Segan and I arrived for a consultation and I was impressed with the time John spent getting to know both of us. Under John's tutalege, I learned how to work with Segan.

I am now the proud owner of a well-mannered, self-assured aminal that is a plesure to live with. Segan travels with me while I work, so he is continually exposed to new places, people and situations. Not a day goes by that I don't receive a compliment on his behavior, and his happy attitude. Thank you John!"

Sienna Von Wilhendorf

IMG Sienna 2Warren & Connie Pinckert from Lafayette wrote:

"Our German Shepherd, Sienna Von Wilhendorf, couldn't enjoy herself in this beautiful field without the recall and off-leash training from John. 

He is truly a gifted dog trainer and behaviorist who has helped me teach my Schutzhund titled dogs to be wonderful well-rounded animals. He seems to have an answer for any behavioral situation."


100 4201- Greg  Homer 8x10In April 2009, Greg & Libby Peterson from Martinez, CA. wrote:

"We were referred to Euro-Training Kennels and John O'Connor when Homer was just three months old. Even at that early age, Homer had decided to be a dominant puppy around other dogs and much larger dogs. Our concern was that he would becomes a problem dog as he matured into a full sized, full strength dog.

Homer did mature (he is now 86lbs and very strong) and with John's guidance and training (for Homer and us) Homer is a wonderful, fully socialized companion and has never given us a moment of concern around other people or dogs. In fact, with John's guidance, Homer earned his CD rating from the American Kennel Club with three successful competitions in a row (a dog must pass standard tests in three different shows to qualify - although not necessarily three consecutive passes in a row).

We recommend that every dog owner spend a least a few sessions (and ideally more) with John at Euro-Training Kennels. There is no better preparation for a long and happy realationship with your Best Friend".

Zar is under control

DSC01353 21In April 2009, Donna Zetterquist, in Santa Cruz, CA, wrote:

"Many thanks to John O'Connor for his training skills and patience with both my big, unruly adolescent male Swissy (Swiss Mountain Dog) and, even more important, with me. It was a major struggle to just walk Zar to the show ring. John taught me the proper and humane use of training tools to get Zar under control. I now have an AKC Champion who is preparing for the obedience competition. We had tried several training programs with little or no success. John's program is hands-down the best and only one  that has been truly effective."

They Respond so Well

notes 016Phyllis Ford of Martinez CA, wrote:

"I consider myself extremely lucky to have found John O'Connor as the trainer of my dog, Red. His training approach was very empowering, as he trained both Red and me as a team, and I learned many skills which I could then use on my own. The group lessons were focused, and addressed the needs of each dog in the class. They also provided an excellent environment for dog socialization, which is extremely important. His training program also includes private sessions to reinforce areas that need extra work. I was so pleased with how the training went with Red, that when I got River, I immediately signed her up with John. My dogs are welcome anywhere I go, and they respond to voice command and hand signals when off-leash. They have no behavior problems. I give Euro-Training my highest recommendation."

General Sam Grant

IMG 8909My name is Ginny, and I'm from Oakland, CA. and . . . 

That noble creature sitting beside me resting his paw on my foot is "General Sam Grant," otherwise know as "Sam." Thanks to John O'Connor's expertise, Sam has evolved from a cute, but easily distracted and headstrong dog into a boon companion at home and on daily hikes. Full credit must go to John for quietly but firmly guiding Sam into the select company of happy, well behaved dogs."

Sam earned his CD title in May 2011 & an AKC Canine Good Citizen title in September 2012

Compliments for her behavior

IMG 0096On April 13, 2009, Grace Lynn & Nana from Berkeley, CA, wrote:

"Before going to John I tried many different training classes. Some focused too much on positive reinforcement, relying too much on treats; some were expensive and ineffective, cost me tons of fortune, and my dog still could not stop pulling, messing around on the street, and jumping on people. Just as I was about to give up, I found John -- a person who knows how to handle a dog properly without treats, and a person who is devoted to deliver effective training.

Upon consultation with him, I immediately decided to start training because of his extensive knowledge in dogs. After just a few weeks, I could see obvious improvement in my dog -- you could tell that she was thinking twice before causing me any trouble. After a few months, I would have people come up to me and compliment on her behavior. I was able to walk her with and without leash, command her in and out of the house, and finally, have a sense of relief because of her willingness to be obedient.

Thanks to John, I have a very well trained dog.I have to say that Iam glad I've invested in him. I will definitely refer John to any dog owner I know without hesitation. He is truly amazing!


IMG 0119On April 8, 2009, Karen Simpson from Danville, CA, wrote:

"Hi John -- here's a picture of Tucker, my Jack Russell Terrier; I figure he might be one of your only three time graduates -- not that he needed it, but that he had the privilege of a refresher course as each new dog came into our house. I know Terriers are one of your favorite breeds! In all seriousness though, I really looked forward to my training sessions each week, and have always been grateful for the behavior you helped me cultivate in my dogs."

Our Dog Madison

nora and maddy 4-8-9 001-1 2On April 18, 2009, Nora & Denis Jensen from Pleasant Hill, CA, wrote:

 "We were so lucky to have found John O'Connor to train our Great Danes. Our current dog, Madison, is the second dog that John has trained to be the gentle, people friendly and well behaved dog that everyone hopes to have. You have to remember that John takes on the puppy and the owner for training. John's great sence of humor lets the owner fail without embarrassment as the dog continues to improve. There are many dog trainers, but very few dog trainers that take the time to understand the dog as well as the owners. I cannot imagine ever entrusting the future of a new dog to anyone else than John O'Connor and Euro Training Kennels."

Maddie our Puppy

scott maddieOn April 10, 1999, Jeri Marlowe and Scott Nelson, from Mill Valley, CA, wrote:

"When we decided to get a puppy we knew our priorities were to raise an obedient, fun loving, well-mannered dog.

After interviewing several trainers we chose Euro-Training and John O'Connor even though it meant a 45-minute commute, each way, every week and a longer training commitment than we had expected. In our initial interview with him it was clear that John was extremely knowledgeable and truly had the best interest of both dog and owner at heart. We began our classes when our puppy, Maddie, was 12 weeks old. After a year and a half we continue on a drop-in basis. John taught us to train Maddie, and equally importantly gave us the skills to maintain her high level of obedience and behavior so important to enjoying our dog. Because of her controlled but pleasant behavior Maddie is welcome in most places we go. As psychotherapists we take her to work with us. Her presence is often quite therapeutic for our clients.

 and come on command. Almost At the age of one year, she was both on and off lead trained to heel like a champ, could maintain a sit and down-stays for long periods of time, every time I, or we, take her out, whether on a walk, shopping, or to a dog park, someone stops to comment on her behavior. Many are so impressed with her that they ask for the name of our trainer. We happily and confidently give our referral to John without reservation. We often refer to John as the "Dog Whisperer". 

If you have any are reachable via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any specific questions".


Dedicated and Honest

Hillcrest2On July 10, 1998, J. Thibedeau, DVM, and his staff at the Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic in Pleasant Hill, CA, wrote

"We have had many very satisfied clients seek assistance at Euro Training Kennels.

Whether for routine puppy training, advanced specialized training or correcting behavioral problems, John and Kate O'Connor have always been helpful, dedicated and honest.

It is always a pleasure to refer to professionals with their knowledge and expertise."  925.676.1134.


The Best Investement

Laika2On June 13, 1998, Randy and Ginger Cava from Berkeley, CA,

"We had already attended four dog training programs when a friend recommended John O'Connor.

John told us that our dog was very well trained but needed to do better with us. We had also experienced difficulty with her aggression towards other dogs, so taking her out to play was a bit risky.

We accordingly began training with John and over a period of time we learned to better understand our dog's temperament and personality, and how to handle her accordingly.

The training was the best investment we have made because Laika is now very tolerant of other dogs, is great to walk on leash, and does excellently off leash in parks and on trails. We certainly achieved the goals we set in the area of training our dog."