Behavior Modification

bmodThis program focuses on the alteration or the elimination of the undesirable behavior pattern and/or retraining as necessary to improve your dog's behavior.

The program is customized to deal with your dog's particular behavior problem. What it will take to sufficiently modify your dog's behavior depends on:

  • The type of behavior we are addressing
  • The degree, or severity, of the behavior pattern
  • The breed, age, and temperament of the particular dog
  • Your proficiency, as the dog's handler, to follow the suggested program and handling techniques

The goals of the program are:

  • Alteration or elimination of undesirable behavior patterns
  • Teaching the dog the basic disciplines required to promote manageable behavior in and around the home and in public
  • Enforcing the basic dog commands of heel, sit, down, stay, come - all on and off the lead.

An initial training consultation and evaluation is conducted in order to:

  • Establish the root cause of the problem
  • Provide an explanation as to why the problem exists -- is it a genetic, learned, or environmentally caused issue.
  • A frank assessment of what can, and cannot, be achieved with training -- many behaviors can be eliminated, but some, such as dominance aggression, can only be modified and controlled.
  • Demonstrate a suitable handling approach and technique
  • Present a training program to remedy the problem